Sterile Manufacturing Plant is condensed Plant for the manufacture of bulk parenteral solutions in a high sterile environment, containing vessels on weigh cells with magnetic stirrers each one with a total capacity of 100 Liters to 1000 Liters. Moreover it has automatic process program for the vital functions according to a prearranged formula.

Salient Features

  • Design as per ASME code.
  • No stagnant point, internal surfaces are 0.28 Ra finish.
  • All contact parts /surfaces made out of SS 316 / SS 316L quality.
  • Electro polished from inside.
  • The vessel will be jacketed, insulated and cladded by SS 304 sheet.
  • Spray ball for CIP /SIP system.
  • Flush bottom valve.
  • Vary speed drive.
  • Steam/Electrical heating.
  • If required, Load cell/capacitance type level indicator will be provided to measure the volume inside the tank.

We offer sterile manufacturing plants, which are greatly used in pharmaceutical industry for syrup manufacturing. These manufacturing plants consist of a liquid manufacturing vessel with baffles and ensure the smooth and thick consistency of syrup. They are jacketed with limpet coils for heating & cooling and can endure internal vacuum. These plants are outfitted with a vacuum pump for transferring the syrups from manufacturing vessel to storage vessel. These plants are connected by pipeline having filters to ensure uniformity in the process.

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