• Electrically & steam operated available
  • MOC SS 304/316/316L.
  • Flame proof model available
  • PLC options available
  • cGMP with documentation.
  • Container volume is based on a fifty percent fill with 0.6 bulk density product

Our fluid bed dryer consists of an uncomplicated drying unit and helps in the conversion to a granulation or coater when optional packages are integrated. These dryers are available in standard pneumatic logic and sophisticated computerized controls and are also offered in Steam heated Model. Our dryers provide simple solution to dry products and are high in performance as compared to the conventional drying method in tray dryers, which is rather insufficient & difficult.

The fluid Bed Dryer are mainly appropriate for drying granular crystalline, coarse or similar material in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, dyes, food and allied products. The fluid Bed dryer is not suitable for drying liquid or pasty materials.

Fluid bed dryer is designed to commence the hot air stream at the base of the product container which is filled with the Fluid Bed Dryer material. Fluid Bed Dryer, temperature distribution throughout the product is uniform and the heat transfer rate is very high. High production rates are accomplished due to condense drying time.

We provide an array of Fluid Bed Dryer that functions on the principle of creating a fluid turbulence in a granulated or powdery wet product with the help of hot air (or dehumidified air) that flows in an upward direction and drying the product to the requisite degree.

Pharma Plants fluid bed dryers offer a gentle solution for drying, sizing, agglomerating or spray coating of delicate substances in powder form. They are ideal for many pharmaceutical industry processing applications.

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