C.I.P System

C.I.P System
Useful for cleaning of Processing equipments which can not be sifted to wash area viz. Octagonal Blender, RMG, FED &Ect.
Optional: PLC control System, Temp, controller, No water indication or Interlocking..

Mixing Battery

The device used to produce high pressure & high temperature water. All sort of safety factors are taken into care by providing NRV and Steam Shut Off valve

We are proficiency in fabricating C.I.P systems that are high in performance and finds wide application in different industries. These are harshly checked by our team of quality controllers and are available in customized ranges. Based on the latest technology, this system involves the use of:

  • Chemicals
  • Sterilents
  • High pressure pumps
  • Spray nozzles & sanitary design
  • Principles to ensure process equipment
  • Piping are free from dirt
  • Organic contaminants & micro-organism

CIP is a closed system where recirculating cleaning solution is applied (often with nozzles) that cleans, rinses and sanitises equipment. The CIP system is usually automatically controlled and the cleaning sequences are given the optimum timing for efficient cleaning of all parts of the plants.

We offer compact and efficient mixing battery that is designed to provide immediate water by proportionately mixing steams of cold water to the required temperature. These are abounding with isolation check valves and temperature indicator.

This comprises of a manifold with two / four outlets each for water, DM water, steam and air respectively. Pressure gauges are fixed at the air and water inlets and temperature gauges are fixed at the combined outlet of all four to indicate the water temperature.

CIP systems are divided in differents operations
  • Flushing in order to eliminate residues
  • Alkaline cleaning operation
  • Intermediate water rinse
  • Acidic cleaning operation
  • Final water rinse

We provide CIP systems for the pharmacy facilities in compliance with the cleaning standards. Our solutions are supplied according to the customer’s requirements in order to match their specific requests.

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