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Mass Mixer,Industrial Mass Mixer

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  • Suitable for mixing of dry & wet material.
  • All contact parts in stainless steel.
  • Paddles so arranged on the shaft to give thorough uniform mixing.
  • Tilting arrangement, reversible switch and safety switch to stop the mixer as soon as the cover is opened.
  • The drive is through a system of suitable gear-box and motor.

Technical Specifications :
Capacity 50 Kgs 100 Kgs 150 Kgs 200 Kgs
Over Flow Capacity 110 Ltrs 220 Ltrs 330 Ltrs 440 Ltrs
Working Capacity 88 Ltrs 156 Ltrs 234 Ltrs 309 Ltrs
Motor, 440V, 3Ph, 50 CS, AC 3 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP
Depth in 1700 2030 2135 2260
Height in 940 1120 1300 1300
Width in 740 635 790 790


We manufacture better quality of pharmaceuticals equipments that are used for producing powders and particulate in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical processing equipment includes low capacity dryers designed for specific potent powders as well as industrial size plants for permanent operation under strict hygiene standards. The product applications include preparation of analgesics, antibiotics, enzymes, proteins, vaccines and vitamins.

Mass mixers are special pharmaceutical machinery used for through mixing of wet as well as dry or lump material, especially suited for tablet granulation. The Mass Mixer Machine is basically mixing an assembly wherein the mixing stirrer is in horizontal position in the container Mass Mixer & has a single speed, simple rotation. The stirrer rotates around itself at a very slow speed inside the bowl and thereby achieving intimate mixing of dry or wet materials of Tablet Granulation, Powder, Chemicals, and Food & Confectionaries Materials.

We deal in manufacturing and export of superior quality mass mixers, that are available in different over flow capacities, working capacities to choose from. These mixers are furnished with tilting device for easy unloading of the material. Easy to operate and clean, these machines can endure intense conditions.

Mass Mixer,Industrial Mass Mixer
dry mass mixer, tablet mass mixer, chemical mass mixer, rotary mass mixer, mass mixer machines, industrial mass mixer machines

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Mass Mixer,Industrial Mass Mixer